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Core software, tooling and infrastructure for the Tezos blockchain

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Oxhead Alpha is a technology company that develops core software and tooling for the Tezos ecosystem. Tezos is a blockchain with institutional grade security, a sophisticated governance model, and an energy efficient consensus algorithm.
Our team is made up of professionals with expertise in cryptography, formal methods, commercial gambling platforms, distributed systems, mobile development, automotive software, and enterprise infrastructure.

Our Projects

Tezos k8s

The tezos-k8s project forms the backbone for various enterprise Tezos deployment patterns. Automated testnets, production infrastructure, and developer tooling all build on the features enabled by tezos-k8s.

Baking tools

Pyrometer - monitoring tool for bakers and nodes.
Tezos-packaging - headless baking solution.
Kiln - Tezos distribution with GUI.
Support for community members via the tezos-baking slack and other channels.


Tezos snapshots are an essential part of the end user onboarding experience. As users come to Tezos we will provide them with reliable and trusted snapshots to jumpstart their nodes.


Flextesa is a simplified Tezos development environment - library and utilities to build sandbox tests and try different third-party tools.


Teztnets.xyz is a platform that manages deployment of Tezos blockchain test networks. They serve as a testing ground for up and coming protocol developments as well as new software for existing protocols.

To learn more about our projects visit our Github and Gitlab

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