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Oxhead Alpha Demonstrates Blockchain Based Vehicle Title System for California DMV

Published: January 25, 2023

Oxhead Alpha teams with California DMV to expand modernization efforts with a vehicle titling solution based on the environmentally friendly Tezos blockchain.

SACRAMENTO – Today, Oxhead Alpha announced the successful completion of a proof-of-concept blockchain based vehicle titling solution. DMV sought to explore blockchain technology in order to improve its current processes as documented in the California Blockchain Working Group Roadmap; and incorporate the values detailed by Governor Newsom in his recent blockchain executive order. To that end, DMV selected Oxhead Alpha to build a platform based on responsible innovation, protecting consumers, and leveraging technology for the public good.

Building on the institutional knowledge within DMV the team developed a set of smart contracts on the Tezos blockchain to solve trusted vehicle transfers. Trusted transfer is one of the main challenges for an e-titling solution. The smart contracts enable escrow behavior with DMV administered checkpoints to ensure compliance and reduce processing time. The system uniquely establishes a mechanism for the efficient and secure transfer of vehicles between jurisdictions.

“DMV is exploring innovative blockchain solutions to help increase efficiency, boost transparency and reduce economic costs.”, Ajay Gupta, Chief Digital Transformation Officer stated in the California Blockchain Workgroup Roadmap. “This would avoid repeated verification steps for customer and State/public service entities, resulting in reduced workload, economic benefits and auditability.”

Blockchain technology is the basis for providing secure and trusted transaction environments for digital goods. Billions of dollars worth of value are traded daily on systems that rely on blockchain for validation and verification.

Andrew Smith, president of Oxhead Alpha, described the project as a unique fit for bringing frontier technology to a mainstream application. “Choosing Tezos for vehicle titles aligns well with California values.”, said Smith. “Tezos solves some of the really hard problems in blockchain in an elegant way. The combination of responsible consensus, on-chain governance, and institutional grade security makes Tezos a great platform for delivering production ready solutions.”



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